E. ctaupyen@laborfirst.com

Christina Taupyen

Retiree Advocate II

Christina maintains a passion for healthcare and is committed to ensuring that healthcare remains
accessible and individuals continue to get the care they need. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in
Sociology, and through her studies, she was able to gain an understanding of the social barriers that may
hinder access to healthcare. She uses the information she gained, through her studies, to help members
resolve any issues that may arise with access to the care that they need. In addition to her
undergraduate degree Christina has also maintained positions that has equipped her with over two
years of experience working in the healthcare industry. Through her work as a Pharmacy Technician and
a Patient Care Coordinator she has gained a larger understanding of the ever-changing healthcare
landscape. She applies this understanding to any conflicts that may arise that can hinder members care.
Christina intends to continue a career in healthcare to ensure that healthcare remains accessible and to
advocate for individuals and their healthcare needs.